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Our supply chain management team deals with sourcing, logistics, and contracting specialists who work to ensure that the highest standards of ethical conduct are maintained in all our operations.

  • The potential customer approaches us enquiring the purchase of specific materials and/or goods (which is/are not listed in the product that we import) and advising their expectations (quantity, specs, target price etc.).
  • We undertake at NO COST to make a researching, finding, negotiating and providing our Customers with an attractive “Quotation” and “Value Analysis” of the required goods.
  • If the Customer agrees our “Quotation” then we proceed to the confirmation with the supplier.
  • We appoint an independent certified Surveyor who will report the quality and the quantity of the goods before their payment.
  • If the goods are in the right quality and quantity then we proceed to the remittance and we monitor all the steps up to their loading onto the ship.
  • Once the goods are landed, we “clear” and deliver them by our owned trucks-trailers out of the Customers’ door.
  • We offer “after sales support” by consulting our Customers with the trends and the price fluctuation of the product in the international market with prospects of a valuable future purchase at the right time!!
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